"Is my judge comfortable with 'speed'?"

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    Debate contestants may also ask judges about "speed". Basically, how fast you can listen. The average speaking rate for normal conversation is 150 words per minute. Debaters, when on a roll, can double that, which is akin to listening to a movie on fast forward. This is up to each judge individually. If you can handle it, tell the debaters. If you don't appreciate it, tell the debaters. My usual response goes something like this:

    "Please don't. This is a communication sport. Please communicate at a reasonable rate. You wouldn't speak like that in a court of law, you wouldn't order from a restraurant, and you wouldn't speak to your mother like that; so please don't do it here."

    Note: The foregoing was unabashedly pilfered from the "Smart Judges Cheat Sheet". Kudos to whomever whipped this up. 👍