What's up with the Teddy Roosevelt quotes, eh?

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    We thought it would be cool to feature quotes from various statesmen/persons who've played pivotal roles in the USA's history.

    At age 42, Theodore Roosevelt became the youngest President in our nation's history after William McKinley was assassinated. "Teddy" Roosevelt considered himself a "steward of the people", brought progressive reforms and strengthened foreign policy.

    Theodore Roosevelt was a master communicator when it came to addressing his various constituencies and credited with inventing the application of public relations to the promotion of his ideals and presidency.

    Polls of historians and political scientists rank Theodore Roosevelt as one of the five best presidents.

    It is our intention to change these periodically. Our current short list:

    • George Washington
    • Thomas Jefferson
    • John Adams

    Of course there are many, many others but revisiting our roots seems apropos.

    Enjoy! 🎅